We are glad to present a full range of services provided by our company. All the methods presented below can be used separately or jointly, which allows for better verification of the gathered data.

Engineering geology and geotechnics

  • Determination of the geological, and geological?engineering conditions of minerals exploitation.
  • Determination of geotechnical conditions (loose and concise rock) for foundations of buildings and other objects.

Our company carries out full range of field research, using professional equipment and facilities for laboratory testing (edometers, apparature for uniaxial compression and tensile of soil samples, apparature for Proctor testing, apparature for determination of California Bearing Ratio testing).

Analysis of hydrological and hydrogeological conditions

  • Assessment of water quality, with particular identification of pollution sources and conditions of their migration, and selection of the optimum methods for protecting water against pollution
  • Water risk assessment and protection of waters in mines
  • Assessment of changes in hydrogeological conditions in relation to decommissioning of mines, and mining areas protection against the formation of damages
  • Flood risk assessment with the concept of minimizing these risks. (using the WMS and the SMS packets)

Testing for the content of trace elements

We use modern analytical equipment such as emission spectrometer with excitation of coupled ICP-AES jy2000 in inductive plasma

Comprehensive characterization of coal quality

  • Comprehensive recognition of quality of coal in deposit in accordance to Polish and international standards
  • Petrographic diagnosis of coal quality process
  • Determination of coal suitability for use at different industry directions in Poland and abroad
  • Research of coal deposits for coal mining industry
  • Guiding the variability of coal quality in deposits, mining area, mining department

Geophysical research

Magnetic test - using the magnetometer it is possible to locate all objects that caused changes in the magnetic field. This allows to locate the walls (brick), the remnants of the manufacture of ceramics, fire place, any ferrous objects (including the search for unexploded bombs)

Electro resistance test - This method basis of collecting data of electro resistance of soil to a depth of 10 meters. Electroresistance method can track the ground ?sculpture?, groundwater exploration, monitoring of dams and levees, detection and monitoring of pollution areas. This method is widely used in archeology especially in positions where structures from different periods overlap, thanks to the precise determining the depth of penetration it is possible to distinguish and separate the individual layers

The radar method:

  • Engineering application: location of underground technical infrastructure -pipelines (metal, stoneware, concrete, plastic), cables, remains of foundations, voids.
  • Transport: examination of roads, railway embankments, bridges, runways.
  • Environment protection: pollution coverage mapping, location of underground waste disposal sites.
  • Geological - Geotechnical Researches: testing ground dams, tunnels, the location of the groundwater, stratigraphic studies, study of the structure of landslides, the location of migrating voids.
  • Using archaeological - conservation: the location of crypts, tombs, cracking walls and archaeological relics.

Advisory services, regulations, design

We also offer consultancy services and project implementation in the field:

  • Non-waste technology and clean production systems in underground mining
  • Backfilling pipelines systems and their analysis
  • Exploitation systems voids backfilling or voids sealing
  • Technology of filling voids in the mine closure process
  • Underground waste disposal sites and assessment of their long-term impacts on the environment
  • Migration of contaminants in the ground surrounding the underground storage of waste
  • Mixtures for filling and sealing abandoned workings and determine the optimal formulations
  • Installations for filling voids, sealing abandoned caving workings and underground storage of waste
  • Processes of fine-grained waste in underground mining technologies
  • Filling underground voids through boreholes
  • The process of stabilization and filling voids in areas of underground mining activity

Other Services

  • Tests and measurements using infrared camera
  • Assessment of the quality of surface and groundwater
  • Assessment of the degree of contamination of soil, ground and groundwater
  • Examination of industrial wastes, including mining (slags, dusts, sludges) for the possibility of their economic use
  • Assessment of the presence of asbestos fibers in dust
  • Technology allowing for hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites from combustion wastes
  • Examination of mineral wastes from industry and determination of the directions of their utilization
  • Examination of chemical composition, petrographic, geochemical and technical characteristics of properties of solid mineral resources
  • Examination the degree of deterioration of building industry materials
  • Digital image analysis as a tool for determining the parameters of the pore space
  • NEW !!! - We design, advice and give legal opinion in the field of geotechnics, with particular emphasis on modern technologies such as: geosynthetics, nailing or gabions - mainly in road construction, railway, civil, engineering and hydrotechnical